Explore our truly magical city during one of Wroclaw Tours with local, professional guides. Have a historic walk among most significant monuments, discover legendary Islands of Wroclaw or put on a helmet and have an exciting ride on city electric scooter!

Wroclaw Walking Tour

Choose one of our Wroclaw walking tours and discover the city from different perspectives. We offer three different paths to take, each covering various city’s attractions: Islands of Wroclaw/ Wroclaw Mus see / Four Temples.

  • Duration: 2-3 hour
  • Type: Private


107 per person
Electric Scooter tour

Explore the top sights of Wroclaw and have an adventurous ride during our electric scooter tour. Professional equipment, local guide and a lot of fun included! You can choose morning or evening tour.

  • Duration: 2 h
  • Type: Group


38 per person
Wroclaw Bike tour

Explore Wroclaw in an active and very enjoyable way. Jump on a professional bike, put on a helmet and set off on an exciting journey through historical streets of Wrocalw. Follow a local guide and discover the city from its picturesque cycle paths.

  • Duration: 2-3 h
  • Type: Group


38 per person


  • Entrance tickets

  • English-speaking, friendly drivers

  • Professional equipement 

  • Professional, local guides

  • Door-to-door pick ups and drop-offs

  • Tailor-made services, additionasl attractions


Have you already decided how will you spend your summer 2020? If you chose to Wroclaw you can be sure that you won’t be bored. If you still don’t have a clear plan of your sightseeing Wroclaw, it is high time to do that and WroclawDirect would like to help you in that. We provide best trips in the city and give you a chance to discover best things to do in Wroclaw in very comfortable and satisfying way.

As a professional tour operator, we have created a set of carefully selected best city tours Wroclaw each featuring different Wroclaw attractions and experiences. We base our offer on diversity and individual approach to each client. We are aware that each traveller has slightly different preferences so we want to provide an interesting trip for everybody.

With us you can experience your Wroclaw holidays your way!

Wroclaw has much to offer for everybody. We would like to recommend you the best Wroclaw sightseeing and city’s best attractions to see during you Wroclaw holidays. Prepare for an unforgettable trip featuring both historical heritages as well as centres of modern life.

There is no better way to experience Wroclaw city tours than with a local, professional guide. In this way you’ll have a chance to explore unknown and less popular places to visit in Wroclaw from a local perspective. Our professional guides will tell you many untold stories and take you to some undiscovered places in the city. They will also willingly answer all your questions and show you things that you’re most interested in.

You can choose different types of Wroclaw sightseeing, depending on your preferences. Guides can show you particular quarters of Wroclaw during a walk, bike ride or by electric scooter. W also organize day trips from Wroclaw to the most important historical places in Western Poland. Which one do you prefer?

If you wonder what are the best things to do in Wroclaw, let us help you to make up your  mind. 

1. Discover Wroclaw “must sees”

  • Centennial Hall – a historical concrete building dating back to the times of the German Empire. It’s one of the most important official national monuments of Poland listed on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. A must see during Wroclaw city tours!
  • Raclawice Panorama – an extremely impressing cycloramic painting depicting historical Raclawice battle. It’s monumental size (120x15m!) is the main reason to visit Wroclaw for many tourists. Due to its unusual perspective one can have an impression of being in the centre of a real battle.
  • Ostrów Tumski – It’s the oldest part of the city with numerous historical buildings. The main object there is impressive Tumski Bridge. The district is in fact a remnant of X-century settlement.
  • The Old Town Hall – an excellent example of Gothic architecture featuring the oldest bell in Poland. It’s definitely one of the most impressive things to see in Wroclaw 
  • Japanese Garden – a beautiful exotic garden located in the central district of Wrocław. It exists since 1913 and is a home to 270 species of woody plants and 78 species of Asian plants.
  • Royal Palace – monumental palace complex and the former residence of the Prussian dynasty that ruled in Wroclaw between the 18th and the 20th century. Today it’s the main headquarter of the City Museum of Wrocław.
  • Sky Tower – the biggest building in Poland. 212 meters of its height (50 floors!) gives you a chance to visit Wroclaw and admire the city from eagle’s perspective.

2. Follow Wroclaw Dwarfs

Do you believe in dwarfs? In case you don’t, Wroclaw Tour will give you opportunity to meet them. Warsaw has a siren, Krakow has a dragon and in Wroclaw we have dwarfs. As they are the memorial of the Orange Alternative – a communist opposition organisation – they remind us about how people during the times of socialist regime were fighting for their freedom. The first dwarf figure appeared in the city in 2001 and the number of those little folks is constantly growing. Nowadays, there are over 100 of them around the city! Undoubtedly, they constitute one of tourist best attractions during each Wroclaw tour. At the same time, they are regarded as an important history monument.

3. Cross Wroclaw Bridges

Did you know that Wroclaw is a city of more than 100 bridges and footbridges? If you don’t have enough time to see them all during your Wroclaw city tours, check at least those most significant ones:

  • Tumski Bridge – It’s one of the most beautiful and impressive bridges in Wroclaw. It constitutes a symbol of city’s historical heritage and serves as a popular place for romantic walks. It connects Ostrów Tumski with the Sand Island and its appearance remains unchanged since 1889. This bridge has always been of the great significance to all Wrocław citizens. At its entrance we can find a statue of saint Jadwiga and St. John the Baptist.
  • The Sandy Bridge – Build in 1861, it’s the oldest iron construction in the city and the first crossing between northern and the central parts of Wroclaw. One of its most characteristic features is its red colour that gives it an unique charm and distinguishes it among other Wroclaw bridges.
  • Redzinski Bridge – This is one of the newest, but also the most recognizable bridges of Wrocław. It’s also a part of the Wrocław Motorway Bypass. The modern, futuristic structure is currently the longest crossing in Poland (1742 meters!). 
  • Grunwaldzki Bridge – It’s 112-meters long and 18-meters wide. One can find its image in numerous polish movies and postcards as it’s a true symbol of Wrocław. Built in 1910, the bridge was almost entirely made of granite and decorative slabs. Many important historical events took place on Grunwaldzki Bridge, including communist protests in the 80’s.
  • Peace Bridge – Build in 1945, the Peace Bridge has one of the most charming illuminations  that are definitely worth to see during Wroclaw city tours. It’s a real gem in the city’s landscape and a perfect scenery for beautiful photographs.

Thanks to our hotel door-to-door pick ups, safety measures, English-speaking drivers, professional guides and reasonable prices our services are among the most popular and recognizable trips in the city.

Having 12 years of experience of organizing Wroclaw tours, we still improve our offer every year. Each customers brings some new ideas and is another priceless inspiration for us. We provide services for international clients presenting them an unique, local perspective of the city. We want to show them our beautiful Wroclaw at it’s finest and proof that best selected trips are available for everyone’s budget.


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