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Set off on an exciting journey discovering one of the most mysterious places made by the Third Reich. Located in the heart of Owl Mountains, Project Riese complex reveals the darkest history of the World War II, hidden among underground drifts, monumental halls and elaborate network of corridors. Discover it all during our private tour to the underground city in Osowka.


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“Project Riese” is a code name for 7 underground structures built by Nazis during the World War II. Initially, their main purpose was to protect Germans' armament constructions from Allied air raids. According to some historians, they served as secret Headquarters for Adolf Hitler. Other claim that secret tunnels hid chemical and atomic laboratories.

Nevertheless, none of them were ever completed and their real purpose remains unknown. Some even say that what has been discovered in Owl Mountains Nazi complex is just a tiny piece of the whole Riese Project!

The seven complexes: River, Wlodarz, Osowka, Sokolec, Jugowice, Sobon, Jedlinka Palace and Gluszyca are located in Owl Mountains and Lower Silesia Region.

Work on the Riese project began in November 1945 and lasted for at least 18 months. It is estimated that around 13,000 prisoners (mostly from Auschwitz-Birkenau) took part  in the construction work.

Complex Wlodarz - It's the biggest and the youngest part of the Project consisting of 4 drifts large halls (up to 12 m) and a grid of tunnels (3200 m). It's partly flooded with water and its visitors can explore the complex's depths on boat.

Osowka - it's the most advanced Riese complex, often called the Underground City. It features an unique collection of numerous original objects from the WWII, a network of concrete corridors, reinforcements and halls including prominent "Casino" hall and Nazi Gold Train. Interactive exhibitions including holograms and sound effects, that one can found in Osowka, provide incredible visual experiences to all visitors.

Have you already discovered Project Riese tunnels and Owl Mountains Nazi secret bunkers? If you would like to experience more exciting historical journeys, check our full offer of tours from Wroclaw for 2020.

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Another historical tour, that you might find interesting is our private Auschwitz Tour. One of the most popular museums in the country constitutes an incredible memorial place for over 1,1 mln victims murdered in the former concentration camp in Auschwitz. Journey to this extremely significant and shocking place is an obligatory trip not only for history lovers but for every human being in general. It is said that you need to see Auschwitz-Birkenau at least once in your lifetime.

Former concentration camp in Gross-Rosen is another historical place worth to discover during your stay in Wroclaw. We will take you to the former Nazi concentration camp in Rogoznica, where over 40 000 people lost their lives. You’ll discover the tragic history of Gross-Rosen victims presented by a professional guide.


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