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Wroclaw, so called “Venice of the North”, is full of amazing monuments and magical places. We want to give you a chance to see its best features and experience its magical atmosphere. During our guided Wroclaw Walking Tour you’ll discover fascinating history, unique city islands and legendary Wroclaw dwarfs.

  • Wroclaw Walking Tour
  • Wroclaw walking tour


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You’ll meet with our local guide in front of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist (at Cathedral Square 18).

Wroclaw Walking tour starts from a visit in the oldest part of the city, where two most important islands of Wroclaw are located: the Cathedral Island and the Sand Island. While visiting this historical part of Wroclaw, you’ll see many beautiful churches including: the Cathedral of John the Baptist, St. Giles Church, St. Martin Church and the Church of the Holy Cross. (The tour does not includes entrance tickets to the Cathedral, but we can arrange it upon your request).

Then, you’ll discover the most popular trading place in the city – the Market Hall. Moving on to another historical part of Wrocalw, you’ll pass by the Wroclaw University and the old city jail while your guide will tell you some interesting facts about both objects. Afterwards, you’ll get to scenic street called ‘the Shambles’ that used to was Wroclaw butchers’ area.

Finally, you’ll find yourself at the magnificent Wroclaw Main Square with stunning colorful tenement houses and impressive Old Town Hall.

Meanwhile, our professional local guide will tell you numerous stories and gripping legends about Wroclaw monuments, citizens and daily life in the city. He’s open for all of your questions during the tour.

After the tour, our driver will pick you up and take you to your hotel or any given destination in the city.

  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off

  • Small groups up to 10 people

  • Local, English-speaking professional guides

  • 2- or 3-hour walking tour


Type: Private

Duration: 2-3 hours

Language: English, German, French or Spanish (Czech available on request)

Wroclaw Walking tour
Wroclaw Boat Trip


Wroclaw is called ,,Venice of the north” not without a reason. This extraordinary Medieval city located in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas in Poland is simply blinding. Once you visit Wrocalw you will try to go there at any possible occasion.

Did you know that Wroclaw is a city of more than 100 bridges and footbridges?  It’s also a city of dwarfs and beautiful islands surrounded by Odra waters which gives you a chance to see  breathtaking views during Wroclaw walking tours. All history and art lovers, will find Wroclaw tours extremely attractive as the city is full of charming streets, lanes, museums and historical monuments.Main square is full of charming cafes, where everybody will find a place to sit and admire old buildings.

Are you ready for amazing Wroclaw walking tours led by a local professional Wroclaw guide? Depending on your preferences, there are many routes, focusing on different aspects of this incredibly interesting city. Of course you can’t see everything in one day but Wroclaw walking tours give you possibility to see and experience best of the best of Wroclaw sightseeing, attractions and their history. All accompanied by professional guides who will give you comprehensive history lessons during all walking tours Wroclaw.

With 12 years of experience we know how to organize best walking tours with Wroclaw guide. Don’t hesitate and book Walking Tours Wroclaw with us. Our English speaking driver will take you from your hotel and bring you back whenever you want. We hire only best qualified employees, so ask you private guide whatever you wish to go during Wroclaw tours.

5 Reasons to visit Wroclaw

Given that Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Europe, there is always a reason to visit Wrocalw. No matter what are your interests, there will be something for you. This is why the Heart of Western Poland is regarded as one of the most important cities in the country. In fact, you may find deciding which things are worth to see and what to miss out the hardest part of your Wroclaw sightseeing. 

If you are still unsure about booking a trip to Wroclaw, here are few reasons to help you make up your mind.

1. Visit Wroclaw “must sees” 

Wroclaw is a real paradise for history and nice architecture lovers. A broad variety of historical districts, streets, monuments, tenement houses or bridges will provide entertainment for your whole day. You can be sure that there is always something interesting to pass by in Wroclaw, even if you don’t know where are you heading to.

2. Have a little shopping

No matter what style of shopping you prefer, you will find it all at various department stores in Wroclaw. Best sales wait for you at every corner and in shopping centres across the city. From small shops and boutiques at Wroclaw subsidiaries to the major flagship stores in  Wroclaw city centre – there is always some sale to catch!

3. Enjoy the Odra River 

The Odra River is one of the most iconic elements of the city and you can enjoy relaxing tours along the river. There are also a number of bridges in Wroclaw from which you can admire beautiful views. Wrocław landscaped are a perfect scenery for Wroclaw bike tours as well!

4. Relax in Wroclaw green spaces 

Maybe lush green parks are not the first thing to come to your mind when you think of a major city, but Wroclaw has plenty to offer in this matter. Whether you want to explore the Odra river banks in the heart of the city or explore picturesque city parks, you’ll find that Wrocalw is an ideal place to relax and experience its peaceful atmosphere.

5. All budgets welcome

One great thing about walking tours Wroclaw is that there are many free attractions to see on your way. Some of the finest museums in the city as well as many other attractions can be explored for free! Relatively low prices in local restaurants and bars will make your Wroclaw tour extremely enjoyable as well!


To book our Wroclaw Walking Tour please fill out the booking form or call us. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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