– Visit former concentration camp in Rogoznica

Discover the darkest history of Nazi atrocious activities in occupied Poland during the II World War. By visiting Gross-Rosen concentration camp you can pay tribute to 40 000 inmates who died there and combine a fascinating trip with a valuable experience that will broaden your historical knowledge.





    Our English-speaking driver will pick you up from your hotel in Wroclaw and take you directly to Rogoznica. You will travel in a modern and comfortable private car for around 1 hour.

    Upon your arrival to the Museum you’ll receive entrance tickets. From now on, your driver will serve as your private guide. Thanks to his historical knowledge he will be able to show you all important exhibitions in the museum while introducing you to the history of Gross-Rosen camps and its inmates.

    You’ll begin your visit by exploring the main permanent exhibition of the Museum called „KL Gross-Rosen 1941 – 1945”. It tells the story of Gross-Rosen camp through numerous photographs, original documents, maps, utility goods and objects made by prisoners themselves.

    Then, “Al-Riese” exhibition will familiarize you with secret Nazi plans to build concentration subcamps net while „Lost Humanity” display will give you a comprehensive lesson about the European totalitarian systems’ genesis and development. You’ll also find out how the incredible national patriotism and resilience of Poles have been created at the backdrop of numerous rough events and miseries in Polish history.

    You’ll also have a chance to enter a reconstructed barrack no. 7 that represents brutal reality of everyday-life of Gross-Rosen inmates. Its exhibition features around 300 relics and deeply moving inmates’ memories with personal testimonies.

    After 3-hour visit in the museum you will be picked up by your driver and travel back to your hotel in Wroclaw.

    • Hotel pick-up and drop-off

    • Comfortable, private car

    • Entrance tickets

    • Friendly English-speaking driver/guide


    Type: Private

    Duration: 3 hours


    Language: English


    No wonder why Wroclaw concentration camp (Gross-Rosen) has become so popular place to visit. People from around the world come there to familiarize with its unbelievable history and to see the place that everyone should see at least once in their life.

    Museum in Gross-Rosen was created to preserve valuable heritage, present it to its visitors in the form of engaging exhibitions and, most of all, make people to remember about all victims of murderous activities conducted in the camp during the World War II. By visiting the place, you can pay a tribute to thousands of inmates murdered just because of their Jewish origins.

    Additionally, the museum is regarded as one of the most interesting memorial places in the country. Due to its modern exhibitions and unique architecture it is often compared to a work of art. Visitors of Gross Rosen concentration camp can travel back in time while visiting innovative displays, which give them unforgettable experience.

    Considering that the museum is located only 70 km away from Wroclaw, Gross-Rose tours are among those most popular trips from the main city of Polish Silesia Region. Such tours take about 5 hours and are available all year long. In other words - if you visit Wroclaw, make sure that you don’t miss a chance to see this amazing place.

    However, you need to remember that visiting Gross-Rosen tour is not appropriate for children under 14. Due to brutal character of some of its exhibitions it can give a shocking or even traumatic experience to some visitors. Given that the former Wroclaw concentration camp is a place of remembrance, where thousands of people died, appropriate behaviour and dress code is necessary.

    Gross-Rosen was a main camp among the network of concentration camps (over 100!) build by the Nazis in eastern Germany, Czechoslovakia and occupied Poland. It was operating between 1940 and 1945 near Rogoznica village. At the beginning it served as a single labour camp, but as the Final Solution came into force, it developed into numerous smaller sub-camps including secret subsidiaries hidden among mountain labyrinths.

    It is estimated that there were 125 000 prisoners in the camp overall. Around 40 000 of them were either murdered or died of hunger, distress or different types of diseases. One of the most tragic events in the camp’s history was its evacuation in 1945. So-called Death March was extremely brutal and thousands of people lost their lives, sometimes being forced to march for few weeks.

    The Museum Gross Rosen was created in 1983. Soon, it became popular among international visitors and today it hosts thousands of tourists every year. It is located in the original place of the former Gross Rosen concentration camp.

    There are several exhibitions in the Museum in Rogoznica. It includes:

    • French Barrack no. 7
    • AL Riese" - history of concentration sub camps of Gross-Rosen.
    • The Things, The Remembrances, The Sorrow That Remains…
    • KL Gross-Rosen between 1941 and 1945
    • Lost Humanity

    The museum features reach collection of original and reconstructed camp objects presenting them in the form of innovative exhibitions. During Gross Rosen tour you will see the main camp gate with two historical guardhouses. There are also several prisoners barracks and a crematorium, in which bodies of numerous camp's inmates were burned. You'll also see original camp bell, some parts of camp baths, prisoners’ kitchen, and the barrack no. 9/10. One of the most terrifying objects in the camp is the death wall - a place of mass executions. Today it's the most important spot of memorial, in which visitors can pay tribute to all victims.

    Beside some original fragments of camp fence, there is also the old quarry that was preserved in the camp. It was inscribed to the State Register of Historic Monuments in 1992.

    By choosing our private Gross Rosen tour you can experience an amazing historical journey in the most comfortable way possible. Private tours provide modern, luxurious cars that will take you quickly and safely to your destination. Here are the main advantages that may encourage you to book a private Gross Rosen Tour:

    • Door-to-door pick up and drop-off  - we’re always on time, waiting in front of your hotel and taking you back to any given destination in the city after your tour.
    • Friendly drivers - our inimitable drivers are experienced professionals, who will take you safely to your destination while offering their helping hand during the tour. You can ask them any questions - they’re always open and willing to help.
    • Entrance tickets - you don’t need to stand in long queues outside the museum. We provide priority tickets.
    • Local guide/driver - our drivers have broad historical knowledge so they serve as your private guides during the tour.
    • Comfortable transportation - our private, modern vehicles are something that makes our services so special. We value your comfort and provide high-quality transportation at all times.
    • Flexibility - we can easily adjust our tour to your schedule and do not have any problems with unpredictable changes. We’re dynamic and always try to fit to any unexpected situation.
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